Now It is Easy to Discover Blockchain Companies with European Union’s Interactive Map

Now It Is Easy to Discover Blockchain Companies with European Union’s Interactive Map

The European Union Blockchain Observatory and Form have created an ingenious interactive map that enables users to find the blockchain firms in the region. The ecosystem would spot the relevant startups, as well as, events in the region. What is more interesting is that it offers key information about the event in question or the companies just by a click. Though it is restricted to the region currently, it has invited users to keep adding companies from rest of the region in the world.

Filtering Search Criteria

According to a report in, the tool is an easy to use one and the key information included as to what the companies do and when was established apart from the website’s name. On top of this, the most useful feature of the map is that it allows the user to filter the search criteria. The objective is to get more efficient results. The observatory has created the map with a focus on Europe only.

However, the Observatory is ready to add any number of companies from rest of the region in the world. Currently, there is no entry in the map other than Europe’s. Interestingly, every information or data that is appearing in the map is crowd-sourced one. However, the forum reviews every submission before it allows them to appear on the map.

Discovery Tool

The Observatory thinks it would be in the interest of users that they use their own research on any events and companies that they find it interesting. The forum also believes that the map should be considered as a discovery tool rather than treating them as a source of reliable information. This is possibly due to the crowd-sourcing activity, and it would be tough to find the authenticity of such information.

In March, the European Union Blockchain announced the initiative for the first time. Though there were not many entries on the map until now, the forum is hopeful of getting more entries added into it in the near future. For this purpose, it has encouraged contributions from every possible source. The forum wanted it to be used if anyone is keen on adding any blockchain companies into the map. Ultimately, it would benefit the users.

Separate Form

The forum has two forms for submissions into the map platform. While one of them will focus on the companies key details, the other form will focus on event submissions. Once the event is over, the importance of it might lose. However, it could still be used for different purposes like culling out the number of related events in a particular period of time. This apart, it could allow organizers to plan the next event in the same area or otherwise.

Aside from all these things, the Blockchain Observatory also has a plan to hold a session next week. The event is known as “Ask Me Anything” session that enables to get answers to user’s questions on the technology’s future. These things could possibly remove any negative things about the blockchain technology since it is used more for cryptocurrencies.

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